Ciara shout-outs in the media

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Ciara is one of the most beloved singers for her unique talents. Her voice has the ability to shake up the music scene, and she has claimed her place as a diva in the world of hip hop. Ciara’s album “Goodies” has been beloved for its three singles that have topped the music charts. It is no wonder why people love tweeting about Ciara and giving her a shout-out every now and then on social media outlets.

Ciara has also won numerous awards that Read More »

Enjoying Ciara’s Music to the Fullest

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There are lots of ways you can enjoy Ciara’s voice – on the bus, in bed, during a commute. Depending on what Website you went to for your television, you might even have access to all those streaming music channels featuring her stuff. Ciara’s music has gotten incredibly popular in recent years. Her smooth R&B flavor and jaw-dropping dance moves mixed with the hottest hip hop beats make for a lovely collection of albums that are literally music to the ears. Here are five ways to enjoy Ciara’s music!

1. Listen To It By Yourself

A little music helps you enjoy chores and some time on your own.

2. Play It While You Have Friends Over

Ciara is known for her awesome dance beats, as well as her slow, romantic ballads. Whether you are having friends over for a house party or a romantic night in with a special someone, her music can help set the mood.

3. Give It To A Friend

One of the best ways to enjoy the music you like is to share it with a friend. Old-school cassette mixtapes aren’t in style anymore, but playlists are!

4. Work Out To It

If there’s one thing that gives you an excellent workout, it’s great music. Keeping in time to the rhythm and the beat will help you burn off that extra fat in no time, and Ciara has plenty of beats to go around. Put a few of her songs on your mp3 player and get to it!

5. Make It Your Ringtone

Let your fan flag fly with a Ciara ringtone. It will let you enjoy Ciara’s music wherever you go! You might just find some fellow fans this way, or even make new fans.

A history of crunk

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Crunk, which is also referred to as Krunk, is a musical style that originated in Memphis, Tennessee during the mid-1990s. It became popular around the early 2000s. Lil Jon is considered one of the pioneers of crunk music. Simply put, crunk music is a fusion of hip hop and electro with techno, house and other forms of electronic dance music.

The typical crunk song features a heavy bassline, drum machine rhythm and shouting vocals. Get Low, Goodies, Freak A Read More »

Ciara’s Grammy nominations

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Ciara has had many grammy nominations through out her music career. Ciara Princess Harris was born October 25, 1985 in Austin, Texas. She traveled around as a child and eventually landed in Atlanta, GA, and there she met a music producer Jazze Pha. Ciara was ready for the music scene and with his help she was signed to LaFace records in 2004. In 2004 Ciara released her debut album Goodies. The album was certified triple platinum. This album gave Ciara four grammy Read More »

A list of Ciara’s top ballads

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Ciara: A successful Grammy award winning recording artist. In 2006, her debut album, “The Evolution,” topped charts with tracks like “Promise,” “Make It Last Forever” and “Like A Boy.” The album was certified platinum in the United States, selling more than a million records. Later, she released “Goodies,” “Basic Instinct” and “Fantasy Ride,” all successful studio albums.

The Evolution: Track Listings
1. That’s Right
Writers: Ciara, Jonathan Smith, L. Jefferson, Candice Nelson, B. Muhammad, Jasper Cameron.
Producer: Lil Jon

2. Like A Boy
Writers: Nelson, Calvin Kenon, Patrick Smith, Ezekiel Lewis
Producer: Calvo Da Gr8, Ciara, The Clutch

3. The Evolution Interlude

4. Read More »

Ciara’s tour history

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The musical artist Ciara is a singer who is beloved by many. She hit the music scene in 2004 with her debut album, “Goodies”, which included the number one hits “Goodies”, and “1,2 Step”. Since then, she has released several other albums, and embarked on many U.S. and worldwide tours.

Ciara first served as an opening act for singer Gwen Stefani’s “Harajuku Lovers” tour in 2005. After that, she went on to be included as a feature Read More »

Ciara’s modeling work

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Ciara Princess Harris, also known simply as Ciar,a is a chart-topping singer, dancer, choreagrapher, and actress. However, most of her fans do not know that this beautiful, statuesque, and multi-talented artist is also a fashion model. In 2009, Ciara signed on with world-renowned modeling agency, Wilhemina Models. It was a multi-million dollar deal that has broadened her appeal to an international fashion market.

In 2008, Ciara was the face of music mogul Jay-Z’s Rocawear clothing line but she can Read More »

Entertainer Ciara Is Quickly Becoming A Super Star

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Almost anyone who’s been watching entertainment channels (like those available with satellite TV service from should recognize the name Ciara, most likely from one of her exciting music videos. Recording artist Ciara should be considered a quadruple threat in the entertainment world. In addition to singing, the performer dances, acts and models. She was born in Austin, TX, and moved all over the world as a child.

Ciara moved to Atlanta, GA, and was introduced to Jazze Pha, a music producer and her musical soul mate. He helped her to sign with LaFace Records and she has sold over seven million albums throughout the world. From 2002 to 2003, Ciara formed a group called Hearsay with two of her friends. Unfortunately, the group had disagreements and broke up before they had a chance to become successful.

Ciara was determined to have a song published, however, and was able to achieve this dream when Fantasia Barrino recorded a song Ciara had written called “Got Me Waiting.” Ciara began recording her own music with Jazze Pha in 2002; her song “Lookin’ at You” was one of her first recordings and became a hit single.

To date Ciara has released four albums and is well on her way to super stardom. Ciara’s new music video is shown on several music channels available from your local satellite TV provider. Fans can also find more information at her official website.

More info on Ciara’s new album

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Welcome back, Ciara true believers. We have some more information regarding the artist’s new album Basic Instinct, which has unfortunately been pushed back again. However, we hear that November 29 is now the definite release date for the album. We also have a listing of song titles confirmed for the record:

  • “Flaws”
  • “Gimme Dat”
  • “Girls Get Your Money”
  • “Ride” (featuring Ludacris)
  • “Speechless”
  • “Turn It Up (Heavy Rotation)”
  • “What He Wants for Dinner”
  • “You Can Get It”
  • “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” Read More »

Six degrees of Ciara

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Over the course of her eight-year career, Ciara has worked with more than her fair share of artists, producers, and collaborators in a variety of ways. The following relates the many surprising faces in Ciara’s life, and how each one has gotten her to where she is now.

  • Carrie Underwood: Underwood was one of many of Ciara’s collaborators on the 2008 charity song Just Stand Up!. Other performers included Beyonce, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, and many more.
  • Bow Wow: Ciara dated rapper and actor Bow Wow from 2005-2006, during which time they recorded the single “Like You” for Bow Wow’s album Wanted. Bow Wow later recorded a song about their break-up, “Outta My System”, with T-Pain and Johnta Austin. Read More »

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